There are three primary tools for your use in developing and honing your three plans to Survive and Thrive!

First the Survive Workbook…which is accessed from the email entry request system to the right. Use it to get into the flow of the information-gathering part of the research, analysis, and planning process.

Second, there is an XL Workbook with several useful worksheets in it that can be found at: in the Download Section. If you are not a member registration is FREE.  Register and then navigate to the Download area and find the Survive and Thrive XL Template.  It includes a cash flow analysis sheet, a breakeven analysis sheet, a “one-page” business plan outline, and a single page project worksheet.

Third, on the same site (…in the Download area, you will find a simple plan template – Limited Plan Outline”.  It is a fill-in the blanks PDF for direct use on your computer.  It has been of great benefit to many, many people over the years since it quickly focuses you on some key areas within your business and in your market place to address and manage.