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Richard Mowrey

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Author of:  When is the Right Time to Sell My Business?

#1 International Bestselling Author Richard Mowrey is an expert in the valuation and sale of privately-held businesses with a reputation for getting the job done quickly, quietly, and at the right price. Mowrey has proved time and time again that business owners – just like you – dramatically increase the value of their businesses by applying the insights shared in his books, workshops, and courses.


Selling a business at the right time and at the right price to assure you realize your dreams requires important transactional know-how. And that is exactly what you will learn about in this well-organized book. You will discover how to sell your business on your terms, at your price…when you are ready!

Most business owners delay thinking about the sale of their business and wait too long to prepare for what may be the biggest deal of their life. Successfully closing the sale of a business without a clear understanding of how the process should work and who should be involved can be a challenge. Acquainting yourself with some of the basics will go a long way toward the achievement of a very bright financial future for you and your family.

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In Richard’s upcoming new book, you will discover the critical risk and reward factors that drive business value!

Most entrepreneurs and business owners focus on the wrong areas when trying to maximize their business’s value. Sadly, too many business owners settle for low valuations out of confusion and improper planning. Mowrey’s next new book will help you assess the value of your business today and determine how to fill any financial planning gaps so that you sell for top dollar when the time is right.

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