49-Minute Business Valuation Overview

The Workshop

Business valuations are highly effective planning tools. And this mini-workshop is designed to take you by the hand, show you the “ins-and-outs” of a business valuation, and reveal the secrets for maximizing your business’s worth.

The reason business valuations are so crucial for your success? Well you can’t increase your business’s worth until you know what it is. This workshop reveals the exact principles that affect business value and the primary valuation methods used to determine value.

You’ll walk away from this workshop with a fundamental understanding of business valuation, the tools and tactics for increasing your business’s value, and the steps needed for best preparing for (what many would consider a subjective assessment…) your own business valuation.

Who should attend?

If you’re a business owner interested in discovering the true value of your business, you need to attend and participate in this mini-workshop. Think of a business valuation like a blood-test before surgery – we all know it’s important, and it’s practically a prerequisite!

Well, the same is true of a properly researched and developed business valuation. This is your chance to understand the prerequisite assessment needed for any successful transfer of ownership.

In short, if you own a business… and you’d like to sell it for top-dollar one day… you need to be here.

What you will learn?


Discover How To Recognize The “Value Gap” and the characteristics and processes that increase risk and marginalize performance (and what to do instead!)


How To Apply And Live By The E-Myth Principle! Many business owners understand the importance of working “ON” their businesses instead of “IN” their businesses, but very few know how…


How To Boost A Business’s Value With Simple Tweaks! Learn how focusing on the right, value-centric strategies and effective execution is a recipe for boosting a business’s value.


The Business Valuation Framework! Our proprietary approach to business valuations shows you everything you need to know to uncover the true value of your business (and how to increase it at your will…)